• Alcar Choraster-Caleal

    Alcar Choraster-Caleal

    Son of the scab and a drunk brothel wench back when the scab was young, he has tracked down his father thanks to some fire elementals who'd heard about a human made from their element. He only seeks to reconnect with his father now that his drunken mother
  • Bear Grylls

    Bear Grylls

    I'm a brawler, big whoop, want to fight about it?
  • Celestial


    Druid Sun Elf
  • Ecila


    young female half-elf.
  • Jeto "The Scabb" Caleal

    Jeto "The Scabb" Caleal

    Jeto handsome young man, but from afar the white hair and deep scar on his face and down his body would lead you to believe he is an older gentleman. He wears a short shoulder cape and half coat tails from a sash which he has attached his weapons to. His
  • Korona Crested

    Korona Crested

  • Mirysis


    Half Elf Sorcerer
  • Negga


    Level two barbarian played by Amanda
  • Prestina LaClerq

    Prestina LaClerq

    human female, 6'1.5", 135 lbs, Black hair, Olivebrown skin
  • Sif


  • Sorna Ludolfo

    Sorna Ludolfo

    Walking Buff (half-Elf bard)
  • Tibalt Caleal, King of Cats

    Tibalt Caleal, King of Cats

    The familiar of Alcar Caleal, also known as battle cat.
  • Wildly Caleal

    Wildly Caleal

    Carnivorous, ferret, ebil.
  • Zant


    A blatantly disguised figure in leather and steel, this somewhat mysterious entity has been following the group for several weeks now, shortly after Ganondorf joined. S/He? is currently on the trail of a "Ganondorf" who recently escaped from loudwater pr