Loudwater is a small conventional city with an overall alignment of Neutral Good. There is a gp limit of 15000 however the entire city has assets worth 6,105,000 gp. Population is 8,137 which is integrated with 3010 human, 1627 half-elf, 1465 elves, 814 halflings, 570 gnomes, 407 dwarves, 244 halforcs.

Authority Figures:
High Lord Kalahr Twohands (half-elf male), Gauntlet Harazos Thelbrimm(mmmmmmmm) (human male), and Gauntlet Jaida Zerezeal (half-elf female)

Typical Town Guard:
When the folks of Loudwater are in trouble, or they witness strange happenings, they yell for the guard. Usually in 1d10 rounds (3 to 30 seconds) a group of them respond. The group typically consists of 2d6 guards lead by one firs (the Loudwater name for sergeant). About 30% of the time they will come with one of their spellcasting members usually of Helm, Torm, or the Red Knight.

City Description:
Loudwater is a picturesque city where no two vine-covered buildings look the same. The Delimbiyr River cuts the town in half. To it’s north is what the locals call High Town, or sometimes ElfTown. Sitting above the river atop craggy highlands, High Town is a winding, organic jumble of merchant shops, quieter taverns, some guild halls and at its farther north end is the home of the elven houses. The most prominent feature of High Town is High Lord’s Hall, which stands above the spot that the falls that gave this town it’s name were once located.

The south side of the city is Low Town. Low Town is the more human side of the town, while far more green and clean than most cities, the elves call it something that roughly translates to “ugly town”— at least that’s the nice translation. Low Town is home to warehouses, coster headquarters, rowdy taverns, merchants, and workshops.

Important Locations within LoudWater:

High Lord’s Hall: A walled manor at the center of town, High Lord’s Hall was built during the Rensha Rule. Its architecture has a strange mix of southern and elven influences. It is rumored that crypts under the hall are haunted with the restless spirits of old Rensha rulers.

Red Boar Inn: Owned but not operated by Deldron Rein, this inn is a popular meeting place for the human merchants and costermaster of Loudwater, and those who wish to be hired by them. In the inn’s common room there is a large pillar used by the human community to communicate events and ideas. The pillar was made from the remains of a giant oak that the Rein forefathers fell to build the inn, an event still infamous to the elves.

The Merry Mer-She: At nigh, this place is a tumult of loud music and frequent fights. It is not a place to relax or hold a conversation, but rather a place frequented by adventurers with too much coin to spend, and not enough “adventure” out of them. The beer is watery, and the stronger stuff is potent.

The Scarlet Shield: This dirty little tavern has poor furnishings, and a lazy staff, but for some reason it is very popular with a number of adventurers and warriors that serve under the gauntlets.

All Faith’s Altar: A large shrine open to the devout of all faiths (with a few exceptions, like Bane, Cyric and Malar). Visiting clerics and pilgrims can sleep here for no longer then a tenday.

The Houses of Morning: Three temples devoted to Lathander. One stands on the east side of town, another at the west, and one sits atop Loudwater Crag in High Town, not far from High Lord’s Hall.

Velti’Enorethal: Not really a temple (even though it is devoted to the path of Labelas Enoreth) or a school of the arcane arts, this place is more like a school of philosophy, where the sons and daughters of elven nobles, or the friends of elven nobles are saturated in elven traditions, magic, religion and history through years of patient study and practice.


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