Legacy of the Green Regent

Key to Phatom's Cloister
RIP: Rest in Pete

This adventure started like most others with the party; “Jem”-Talion Migait, Kane, Negga, Gary Coleman Pete, Pharaun Mizzrym and Leyla gathered at the Red Boar Inn. The group was going about their usual shenanigans, “Jem”-Talion Migait working the crowd and singing while Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym spent the evening chugging down the local ale. Meanwhile Kane had located the band of dwarves that they had a small skirmish with about a week back, treated them to a round of drinks and actually managed to mend fences with the band, introducing himself as a traveling blacksmith eager to learn the ways of dwarven smithing.

The night went on without much conflict, until the drunk Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym noticed an odd sight just outside the Red Boar Inn. A ghastly cloaked figure was making its way down the road, with a small band of adventurers following in close pursuit. The sight was odd, but didn’t snag their full interest until the dwarf among this adventuring party attempted to halt the ghastly creature, and fell straight through it. Pharaun Mizzrym gathered the others up and decided to pursue this odd sight through the city.

The adventuring party followed closely behind the other party, whom turned to confront them when they noticed they were being followed. The dwarves attempted to scare the party off, telling them to mind their own business and not to meddle in their affairs, however when the party refused to leave a small scuffle broke out. When this second band of adventures drew steel and threatened to start a fight in the street Jem and her group decided to back off and follow from afar.

The ghost lead the way through the city into an area the locals call Tregedy’s Grotto, which is a local hot spot of suicides, killings, and ghost stories. After the ghost vanished another fight broke out, this time involving strange Groundlings which had dug burrows about the clearing, attacking the dwarf and his crew along with the Jem and her friends once they decided to get involved. After a long vicious fight in which Jem and Kane were dragged back into the burrows and nearly marred, the adventurers were able to defeat the Groundlings. The dwarf and his party introduced themselves as the Fellowship of the Three Coins, and begrudgingly divulged to Jem that they were investigating a lead that had informed them that if they showed up here tonight they could have the chance to find a long lost ancient treasure.

After searching around the area the band went back to the [[Red Boar Inn] to cut their losses. Jem and her friends however remained in the area and found a secret tomb leading under ground. The secret passage lead to a rather short hall which ended with a door and a cryptic set of glyphs Content Not Found: pharaun_ noticed that although the hall was littered with cobwebs, spiders and other insect life, nothing dared approach the door. Negga also refused to go into the hall, shoving and bashing her party members when they tried to force her into the hall. After further investigation Pete discovered that some kind of magical presence was emanating from the door. _Content Not Found: jem was able to decipher the message etched into the door, which read speak my name. Besides this the only clue they had to work with was the symbol of an odd crown looking structure with a man falling from it. When Pharaun Mizzrym tried to open the door he was greeted with a nasty shock that sent him sprawling across the hall.

The party spent the rest of the night camped out in the hall, speaking different variations of name, my name, and other random guesses at what the secret word might be. However nothing they could come up with worked and in fact Kane lost his life to the vicious trap residing in the door. Finally the next day the party decided to look elsewhere for the answer to this puzzle. “Jem”-Talion Migait scribbled the symbol onto a piece of parchment so that she could reference it. Pete, Gary Coleman and Negga began bar hopping in search for the Fellowship of the Three Coins while “Jem”-Talion Migaitdecided to dig through the local libraries and sources. The Fellowship of the Three Coins refused to divulge any information, despite the promises of wealth, pleas, and even threats that were made towards them. However While “Jem”-Talion Migait was off alone she sought out her Harper friend. Although this secret agent didn’t know, or claimed not to know, what the symbol meant she pointed “Jem”-Talion Migait towards a local sage; Evandur Olvebranch who might be able to provide her with information. The group gathered back up and sought out this sage who agreed to meet them and charged her normal price, 5 gp per question they needed researched.

Five hours later the group was summoned by the sage who had used the glyphs “Jem”-Talion Migait had brought her to research their problem. Evandur Olvebranch informed them that the symbols they found were related to the Crescents history from the Rensha era. The odd crown shape represented Netheril, a long lost city of the shade. The falling man represented Karsus, a great sage who caused the fall of the great city and nearly ended all magic in Faerun.

The group returned to the tomb and spoke the name Karsus, then tried to open the door. Thankfully this time it worked and they were able to enter. Beyond the door was a crypt filled with bodies and the ghostly figure they had followed down. But more prominent was a single large floating gem of light. Jem took the gem and felt an overwhelming presence enter her own mind, it made two commands “Let no other possess me” and “Take me to the monastary of The Fallen One”. Both of which Jem complied to. Things almost took a violent turn when pharaun attempted to take the gem from her, however once it was obvious Jem wasn’t releasing the gem they decided to let her have it. The next problem the group had to face was that none of them knew what or where the temple of the Fallen One was, including Jem.

The group found and confronted Emanof the Fellowship of the Three Coins about how his group had found the ghost in the first place. Eman informed them that they were following a lead about some ghost story involving some ruins found not far from Loudwater. The ruins were said to “Go ghost” once a year, appearing as they had before the place became abandoned and even had humanoid figures walking around it. They made a connection between this and another ghost story about a ghastly figure walking around Tragedy Grottos once a year and came to investigate. They weren’t surprised to see that the ghost here was dressed the same as the ones at the ruins, and were told he could lead them to unimaginable treasure. Eman did not wish to divulge more information, however after some convincing by Jem he told the party where they could find the ruins.

The party then ventured off for the ruins, which was a day’s march from Loudwater and hidden in a rather hilly region. The overgrowth consuming the ruins helped to camouflage it and deter most adventurers. However not this band. At first sight the group could tell they were dealing with a large fortress type structure, and that they were not alone. Upon reaching the front gate Pete could hear distant groaning and murmuring. However the group pressed on.

They went back to a large tower along the back wall of the cloisters, and found a tangled mess of cobwebs within it. The poor Negga managed to get herself tangled in the web and then ambushed by the Large Monstrous Spider that had made its home in this building. After a rough grueling fight the party had vanquished the spider, burning the cobwebs to deter further trouble. Amongst the webs the group found a few strange sites, a pair of soldiers wearing Zhenatarian armor. Pharuan was able to tell that the kills were fresh, not even a day old.

The party ventured further into the inner courtyard, where they found the remnants of a battle. Zhenatarian soldiers and odd demonic bodies of creatures that could not be recognized littered the courtyard, the only living being found was a large purple raven which watched from the main cluster of crumbling rooms. The group moved to venture up the only safe staircase that would take them into the upper rooms dotting the crumbling wall, however as they approached the staircase they were ordered to stop.

Jem was able to pick out from the order to stop a heavy Moonsea accent, which alerted her to the fact that the voice belonged to a Zhenatarian. After explaining that they were just travelers who caught sight of the ruins Jem was able to talk the man into coming out, who introduced himself as Felgratz, a Zhenatarian general. After explaining that he and his men had traveled here to foil a plan made by foul Underdark creatures, but were ambushed and beaten to a stand off, Jem and Pharuan tended to their injured and were able to find out that the beings that did this had ventured into the underground portion of the cloisters. Jem and Pharuan reported back to their group who was camped out in the courtyard and the group decided to venture below.

The group ventured forward, finding a staircase hidden beneath various debris that looked too…… convenient to just happened to have fallen there. After clearing the way they ventured into the chambers of the cloister.

Beneath the main chambers was a single large room with halls leading both to the north and south, the group took their time searching every nook and cranny that they could and discovered an old mural caked beneath the dust and cobwebs along one wall. The mural was of a crowned, robed figure touching a giant heart. Beneath the mural was written; the crown wearer pays hommage to the unchanging master…. It was obvious that there was more, but the words were worn away.

The group also found a hidden door along the north wall, but when Pete warned that he was sensing a great evil they decided to move down the south hall. Just as the group was searching two rooms that they found a large screeching sound followed by the appearance of an odd small gargoyle forced them to scatter. The group fled into these two small rooms as the creature shot down the hall as quickly as it could. The group opted not to pursue the creature in light of their new discovery, for while one of rooms was empty the other glowed with the light of two spectral figures. The first they recognized as the ghost they had seen in Loudwater, while the second wore the same robes. The two ghosts seemed to be having a less then friendly argument, however they made no sound. The party tried to pull the attention of the ghosts, however were ignored and simply stepped through them when they tried to make contact.

Despite Pete‘s warning Pharuan led the group back into the first room and into the secret hall, and that’s when disaster struck the group. As the group ventured into the dark hall cackling and laughter could be heard, and just as the group prepared for a fight an odd shadow launched its self at Pete. The group tried to come to his aid, however Neggas blade and Jem‘s arrows passed right through the creature as it dug into it’s prey. The group struggled to save the panicking Pete, who was attempting to bolt for the door, but every attempt they made seemed to anger the creature further, causing it to strike those around it before turning it’s sights back onto Pete. Finally as Pete fell the group fled, running deeper into the hall as the shadow began eating it’s captive prey. Panic gripped our heroes as they found a solid wall at the other end, hinting to the fact that they might have to go back and deal with this creature which so easily vanquished their friend. However Jem was able to find another hidden door which opened up into a larger chamber allowing them to flee from the horror that had been locked away in that hall.

There was much in this larger chamber that grabbed the group’s attention, who didn’t let a single second fall to grieving for their lost comrade. The most noticeable was the large door shaped carving that consumed the back wall, and the two large holes on both sides. Although one whole was empty the second contained a sphere of mystical glowing light much like the one Jem carried. The second item of interest was an obvious trap gone wrong. At the opposite end of the room was a large chasm with a single bridge leading across, waiting in the room was an odd dark skinned dwarf and a few grimlocks. The group had their weapons drawn and were obviously waiting for someone to come walking down the bridge.

While having their enemies backsides turned to them, and filled with the rage of having just lost a friend, the group charged the would be ambushers. The fight was very short, the group having no clue that there was a second entrance, and stuck between a gaping chasm and their attackers. Once their enemies were slain Jem approached the carving of the door, presenting her sphere of light which floated up to the vacant hole. The door glowed with a blinding light which consumed the room, leaving the entire party shielding their eyes and screaming for one another.

The Grey Hunt

This adventure started late at night with Kane Negga Pharaun Mizzrymand“Jem”-Talion Migait all gathered at the Red Boar Inn. This night was a particular rowdy one, having the bar filled with patrons. The party was sat close to another table full of drunken dwarves, with “Jem”-Talion Migait wandering about at random amongst the crowd. After a few spilled drinks and some nasty insults a fight broke out between the dwarvesand Negga. The fight brought the town guards in, who escorted the drunken adventuring party into the Loudwater prison. After a night of solitude the adventurers were escorted to High Lord’s Hall to meet with Loudwaters gauntlet Harazos Thelbrimm and a band of hearty warriors under the gauntlet’s command.

Thelbrimm Explains that the High Lord has a problem that has been brought to his attention, a problem that he personally is to busy to deal with so he has brought the problem to Thelbrimm. Yet Thelbrimm is too busy to deal with it just yet. The problem is that a Llorkh emissary has come to the High Lordstating that Orcs migrating from the High Forest are raiding across the River Loagrann into Zhentarim controlled land. Thelbrimm also explains that there is a treaty called the Oath of Orlbar. The Oath of Orlbar states that the Zhents have the right to ask the High Lord to do something about it since the attacks are originating from the High Lord’s side of the River Loagrann.

Thelbrimm explains that he plans on upholding this request, but doesn’t want to send troops in without knowing exactly what he’s dealing with first. So he wants the adventuring party to go scout the area out for him without the Zhents knowing. He agrees to offer them a full pardon for the incident in the Red Boar inn if they complete this. At first the party refuses, and is thrown back in prison for another night, this time without food. The next day Thelbrimm came to the imprisoned party and asked if they were willing to uptake the mission. They begrudgingly accepted and were told that they should report back if things get too chaotic, that they are just on a scouting mission, nothing more. Thelbrimm also explains that since the party is technically on a mission sanctioned by the city, the Oath of Orlbarrestricts them from crossing the River of Loagrann, so if they party is discovered by the Zhents while they’re on the other side of the river Thelbrimm will deny everything about the mission and party.

Thelbrimm places the party in a caravan owned by a merchant who owes him a favor. The caravan is transporting goods to Orlbar and the drivers offered bare minimal conversation. Once in Orlbar the adventuring party is turned loose to begin their investigating. The adventurers fanned out all pursuing different paths to try and gain some information. Kane, Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym all try talking to people in various parts of the town while “Jem”-Talion Migait went to the towns single bar The Unblinking Eye and attempting to entertain the crowd. All of the members of the party were met with failure, the townsfolk completely unwilling to talk to outsiders. Eventually all members of the party met in The Unblinking Eye, in which they drew the attention of Helm Heltriss. Helm bought the party a round of drinks and engaged them in rather friendly conversation and answered their questions openly. He informs the party that he has seen mass amounts of Orcs migrating from the High Forest to the Grey Highlands. However he came across a group held up in the ruins of an ancient fort up to the north. After questioned further by the party he provides them with a rough map to the fort and wishes them luck.

About five miles from Orlbar the party enters the barren wastelands known as the Grey Highlands. The party marches for a solid day before breaking camp, and during their second day Kane accidentally crushes a dire badger den, angering the badgers inside and provoking them. The badgers were easily defeated and the party broke camp later that day. On their third day of marching the party encountered a pair of Krenshar. The Krenshar stalked the party as they were trying to climb a particularly harsh cliff. The Krenshar attempted to use their sonic screams to cause the party to fall, however unsuccessful they still attacked the party. The Krenshar were defeated with only “Jem”-Talion Migait being fatally wounded. The party immediately broke camp. The party traveled for a third day without incident, however on the fourth day the party encountered a small earth elemetal that sought to destroy the party. The party was able to overcome the [earth elementa]] but took heavy damage and was forced to break camp. On the fifth day of traveling “Jem”-Talion Migait mistook a crevice full of a moss known simply as cold patch for a handhold and suffered a small fall as the moss instantly numbed her hand. Thankfully the fall was only a minor one and she was able to continue onwards until later this day when the party found the fort that Helm had directed them too.

The party attempted to sneak up to the front gate but was spotted by a pair of Orc guards that were watching the only path into the fort. The Orcs ordered the party to halt, but did not attack. Neggaand Pharaun Mizzrymwere able to talk their way through the Orc hostilities, getting the Orcs to agree to allow them an audience with their leader if they left all weapons and spell component pouches outside. Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym agreed to enter, while Kane and “Jem”-Talion Migait pitched camp outside the fort.

Once inside Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym are greeted by Venvrook who is acting as the Orcs chieftain. He introduces himself and explains that they are what remains of the Red Stag tribe and that they were on their way to the Grey Highlands from the High Forest when they were ambushed by “purple men” and foul Orcs of the Moon tribe. He explains that they’ve only been raiding in an attempt to recover captives that were taken during the attack. When Pharaun Mizzrym explained why they were here Venvrook became very adamant that the Oath of Orlbar now required the High Lord and the party to do something about his captive Orcs seeing as the attacks were coming from the other side of the river. Pharaun Mizzrym agreed to do what he could an left to join “Jem”-Talion Migait and Kane in their camp.

Late at night the party is woken up by loud screaming and hollering as their camp is ambushed by a group of orc with a white crescent moon tattooed to their foreheads. These [orcs | orc]] engage the party without giving them a chance to talk, and during the fight the adventuring party keeps getting pegged with arrows launched by someone from the treeline. The party manages to withstand the attack, defeating the orcs and even capturing the elf that was running around the fight throwing arrows and the occasional spell into the fight. At first the elfrefused to share any information, however after a rather unpleasant conversation with Negga which covered all the nasty things she could do to the elf, he snapped. He told them that his name was Mekat Zrinn and that him and the moon Orc tribe was being paid by the Zhents to attack and kidnap members of the Red Stag tribe and bring them back for experimentation. After searching Mekat the party found a roughly drawn map showing where he was suppose to bring his captives.

“Jem”-Talion Migait informed the others that she believed the Red Stag orcs and that this attack was proof that they were telling the truth, seeing as the Zhent attackers were on the Loudwater side of the river. The rest of the group agreed an decided to take what information they had back the Thelbrimm.

Thelbrimm thanked the party for their work and informed them that him and his men would take it from here. He gave each of the adventuring party 50 gold pieces and a pardon and sent them on their way.

The start of a legacy

The adventure started out with Pete, Pharuan, Jem, Negga and Kane camped out on the road leading into Loudwater. During the last glimmering hours of sunset panicked cries reached the adventurers ears. After exchanging no more then a few curious glances they rushed towards the commotion to investigate. The sight playing out before the adventurers disgusted them all, a band of raiders attacking and torturing a small halfling, pilfering the caravan of odds and ends trade goods he was taking to Shining Falls. The trio of adventurers quickly disbanded the attackers, which consisted of a large bugbear and three goblins, all lead by another sketchy goblin named Skar. After the fight the battered group pitched camp once more, nursing their own wounds along with that of the halfling who had succumbed to his many injuries.

Hours later they awoke, having nursed the halfling back to consciousness they learned that he was Blaz Merrymar, father of the Merrymar merchant family located in Shining Falls. Blaz thanked the adventurers for their help and informed them that raids like this are becoming quite common and that he’s lost two sons three nephews and even a daughter along with over half of his goods to these pesky goblins. Through Blaz the adventures discovered that these raids are part of an organized crime syndicate lead by someone called The Hark. The Hark has stationed one of his lieutenants Hekkut the wererat in the Delimbiyr Crescent who has been attacking and pillaging various trading caravans coming in and out of Loudwater. Blaz begged the adventurers to track down these goblins and put an end to these raids.

The adventurers agreed (with the promise that they could keep whatever they find) to hunt down the goblins and put an end to these raids. After roaming through the surrounding woods for a few hours Jem was able to find tracks from where the goblin brigade had set up their ambush. The adventurers followed these tracks about 15 miles from the road until Pete noticed an odd congregation of crows and birds circling around in the sky. The adventurers ditched the tracks and went to investigate the odd sight.

The adventurers followed the birds to an old encampment of sorts that overlook a large cliff. Signs of old bonfires, along with two large holes are found under the branches of a few large Blueleaf trees. The first and larger hole is a type of kill hole with the remains of various halflings, goblins, and even a giant. The second hole turned out to be some kind of tunnel that lead down to the river between the cliffs. Pharuan was able to find a hidden and somewhat safe way to descend down into the hole, until he set off a rigged sandbag trap which knocked him off the ladder, while sending a large white cloud of chalk wafting through the air to alert the goblins to their presence.

The adventurers found a small raft anchored on the little cove at the end of the tunnel and decided to take it further down the river when they were ambushed by goblins who decided to take pot shots at them from above. The rough rapids, and the sniping goblins proved too much for the party, their raft having capsized, leaving various members of the party to deal with the rapids, and harsh rock outcroppings, all but Pharuan fell to the challenges. However through a feat of great virtue Pharuan was able to round the party up, using various pieces of the raft to keep his band together and carry them to a small cove further down the river. However impressive, this feat was not flawless. During the swim to safety Kane’s portion of the raft Pharuan had strapped him to broke loose from the rest, and the unconscious blacksmith was being quickly carried towards the waterfall. Pharaun was able to rig an arrow with a small portion of rope he had brought, firing at his friend and reeling him back to safety.

The stubborn cleric pitched a makeshift camp at this new landing spot, doing all that he could to ensure that his party would have enough time to rest and recover. Once the group was fine, and awake enough to take over watching the camp he succumbed to fatigue.

Hours later the group was awakened as the goblins readied to ambush the adventurers. A group of five Lightning rats attacked the adventurers, attempting to gang up on one member at the time, starting with Jem, wounding them and then trying to drag them back into the small burrows in the walls. The fight was complicated, further so with goblins taking pot shots into the fight from the stairwell leading out of this landing. But the adventurer’s overcame the fight, and with the Lightning rats defeated the goblins retreated further into the tunnels. After a quick breather the group decided to pursue the goblins further into the tunnels.

They found a fork shortly after pushing into the tunnels, and opted to take the route they had seen the goblins retreat into to the right. The adventuring party braced for a fight, and upon pushing into another small room they received just that fight. A band of seven goblins awaited them, attempting to use sheer numbers to overcome the adventuring party, however the party overcame this challenge with little casualties. With the wounded bard Jem unable to continue, they took her back to the landing and hid her in one of the burrows the Lightning rats used before continuing. The group then pressed further into the tunnels, finding another small room with a stockpile of the Merrymars goods. The group took what valuables they could, after dealing with some dire weasels that had made a nest within the crates, including some grain, a decorative sword, and small amounts of other trade goods.

The group continued further and found an odd makeshift war room, with various writings in some foreign language scribbled on the walls. In this room there was also a pile of collapsed rubble, the party spent a full day digging the rubble away and discovered a tunnel leading deep underground. After a careful decent they learned that the tunnel lead into the UnderDark, and found a large pillar shaped like some horrid monster warding off travelers. Between this looming omen, their diminishing supplies, and the unsafe traveling conditions they decided that they were done, that the raiders had been fended off for now and they’d head back to Shining Falls. They returned the sword to Blaz, which proved to be a family heirloom, and kept the other trade goods.


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