Legacy of the Green Regent

The Hark's Dungeon
A Hazy Situation
The Rat Bastard
Nurture Vs Nature

(Justin, Phil, Juan, Tom, Andrea, Todd, Derick, Adam, Arin, Michelle)

The Green Army
Dark Exodus

A strange voice wafted it’s way through the tavern reaching “Jem”-Talion Migait, through Pete’s window, through the bustling streets to greet Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym. To each it was a mere whisper, singing the same song. “The High Forest was their home, they flee, they fly, they roam. The orcs, the orcs are everywhere, and soon they’ll all be living here.” Then just suddenly vanishes. Each started wandering from where they resided, and followed trains of the song to a small grotto with only a few people and a man playing on his lute. He sang “The High Forest was their home, they flee, they fly, they roam. The orcs, the orcs are everywhere, and soon they’ll all be living here.” for the small crowd that had gathered.

Under High Lord's Hall

The day started off in quite an unusual fashion. “Jem”-Talion Migait, Negga, Gary Coleman, Ralph, Pharaun Mizzrym, Negga, Cory and Leyla all gathered within the main chamber of Loudwater. Each one not only summoned by the High Lord himself, but greeted by him as well. Sitting before the confused and bushy eyed group sat Kalahar Two-hands himself, sitting awkwardly in his throne looking as if he’d love to be somewhere else about now. Accompanying him was Prior Athosar, head of the Houses of Mourning. The group was then addressed by the prior.

You have been summoned here because less than a day ago the high lord son, Velvred, was found to be missing. After a quick search of the hall we found no signs of the boy, but did find that two of the crypt’s seals below had been destroyed. Through divinitionwe have found that unknown enemies of Loudwater have secreted themselves in the hall and kidnapped the boy. Furthermore servants of Lathander have warned me that if the Content Not Found: kalahar-two-ands himself were to be drawn into rescuing the boy he would surely die. Because of this intelligence, we find ourselves in need of skilled adventurers to find and rescue the boy, we have chosen you.

After the prior explained the situation Kalahar Two-hands Himself rose to speak.

Your primary goal is to save my son. But if you can’t do this bringing us reconnaissance to aid in a second venture into the tombs will suffice. I wish that I could go with you, but the prior and my advisers will not allow it. Their reasons are sound, but it pains me that I can not save my own son. Please, do me a great honor and bring back my boy— my one true joy in this world, and I will be in your debt.

With that the rather large group was escorted down to the entry of the tombs. “Jem”-Talion Migait and Pharaun Mizzrym questioned [[Prior Athosar about the tombs, attempting to dig up any information that could be useful. They learned that the tombs belonged to Lord Misbah and Lord Marzut, two Rensha rulers that ruled the land before the High Lord. The prior explained that no one had been in the tombs since the Rensha had ruled, and that neither kept maps or any kind of documentation about what was put into their tombs. He did give the group some information about each of the rulers though, explaining that;

Lord Marzut was the strangest of the Rensha lords. Lord Marzut was said to be brilliant, but insane, and deeply cold and cruel. No one knows how he died, just that he eventually faded away.

The history books say that Lord Misbah was a charming buffoon in his youth, but later in life became a cruel manipulator of people and luck. Many think that he made a deal with a powerful devil, selling his soul for fortune and luck. Whatever luck he gained ran out one day when he died in a freak riding accident when he was in his thirties.

The group was lead to a room which housed sealed doors for three tombs, and two broken seals with a pair of guards posted next to each. Each room held a small hole in the ground leading into the crypt and each hole glowed with a soft light.

Lord Marzut’s Oblivion Reliquary

Pharaun Mizzrym, Negga, Cory and Leyla went into Lord Marzut’s tomb and was greeted with a rather odd entrance chamber. The stonework in this room was oddly dark compared to the stone used in the rest of the building, and contained dark grey markings that were dark enough to nearly blend in with the black, depict strange alien creatures and ghostly figures. The art is disturbing to look at, and appears to contort and shift in the dim light. Whoever the artist was, he definitely was not sane. Laying in the room, just outside of the light given off by the Morning’s Resonance spell, was the fresh corpse of a kobold. The body was marred with a huge scorch mark in the side of it’s head and part of the skull caved in. Pharaun Mizzrym was able to tell that the kobold was only about a day old and that it was most likely part of a group which might still be in the crypt.

The group continued down the hall past the kobold, agreeing that Negga should lead through the cramped space while Pharaun Mizzrym takes up the rear. The hall descended down further underground and Negga could make out the shape of a skeleton armed with a scimitar and wearing some kind of ceremonial tunic standing at the end of the staircase. However unmoving, the group could sense something was afoot. Once Negga got to the end of the stairs the skeleton before her animated and began to assault them. In the blink of an eye the tomb’s guardian was on top of Negga, slashing away at the Half-orc, and just when she had started fighting back the skeleton quickly retreated back down the hall, launching multiple waves of magic missile down the hall at the Half-orc as she attempted to retreat.

While Negga attempted to retreat the rest of her party pushed her forward. Unable to see what was happening, or help the group became wedged in the narrow hall in a mesh of confusion. Then suddenly the skeleton appeared behind them, once again rushing forward and attacking the unsuspecting Pharaun Mizzrym as he was attempting to push the group forward. The skeleton viciously attacked as the unsuspecting Cleric hollered for the group to stop, attempting to turn and face his attacker while being shoved around by the others. Realizing that her attacker was now behind them Negga pressed on, and just like before the moment Pharaun Mizzrym was able to deal a few solid blows to his attacker it backed off, peppering him with more magic missiles as he tried to pursue it. Leyla cast what protection spells she could upon Pharaun Mizzrym, who was taking a considerable amount of damage from the attack, while Negga opted to just plow through as far as she could. She hoped to pin the creature against the wall at the end of the hall, or at least to force it to stay on one side of them, but to the groups surprise the moment they reached the end of the hall the tomb’s guardian froze back in place, appearing once again to be nothing more then a statue. Negga wished to crush the cursed statue where it stand, and most likely would have if Pharaun Mizzrym hadn’t stopped her. He feared that further tampering might activate it again, and that there were bigger challenges awaiting them further in the crypt.

The hall broke off into two directions one of which ended in a larger room while the other seemed to just snake on. The group decided to go investigate the room before continuing down the hall. This chamber was much different then the rest of the crypt. The scorched black stone and ghastly images were gone, along with the odd grey mist that clung to the stonework. These walls had obviously been whitewashed some long time ago, and were now a murky grey. A bright white continual flame lit the room from the alcove at the room’s far end. In front of the fire stood an altar, it’s front emblazed with the symbol of Tyr. A silver offering plate sat on top the altar. The group filtered into the room, searching for traps and clues as to what lay ahead. But all that they found were five silver coins in the offering tray. Pharaun Mizzrym instructed everyone to leave the altar alone, however Cory could not resist. As they were exiting the room he took one of the silver coins with the intent of pocketing it, and that’s when danger struck. The flames in the room roared up and contorted spitting an odd pseudonatural hound into the room which jumped on the poor rouge. Pharaun Mizzrym and Negga quickly stormed into the room, beating the alien creature off of their rogue whom quickly retreated to the back of the room. The fight drew on and on, with the odd alien creature showing little concern for it’s injuries while nearly killing Leyla. In an attempt to halt the fight Cory tossed the coin back into the offering plate….. Which summoned another of these odd hounds, and in a spite of panic he tossed one of his own coins into the plate, which brought forth a third fiery hound!

Negga quickly tore the Rogue away from the altar, tossing him across the room with a loud snarl. The group eventually overcame the hounds, however had to use nearly all their healing potions and spells to bring the fallen Leyla back up. Once the hounds were downed and their wounds tended to a fiery argument broke out within the group, with threats of leaving the Rogue down here if he did not start following orders.

Finally the group made their way deeper into the tomb, with their trusted meat shield, Negga once again leading the way. Despite the Half-orc wanting to throw Cory up front. The group quickly came upon another room, this one which provided yet another interesting little puzzle for them. The strange wisps of smoke that clung to the stonework gathered around the base of a large, four-sided ebony pyramid that took up the center of this room. Every so often the structure crackled with eldritch energy, and the air in this room was so statically charged that the groups hair stood on end. Also in the room was a group of four kobold. The kobold were in fact fleeing from the party, however to both groups surprise there was a large spark from the structure in the middle of the room, followed by the appearance of three odd spectral hounds. The strange creatures regarded both groups the same, as food, and quickly tried to dispatch each group. While Negga and her friends held their ground and fended off their attackers, the kobold turn tail and ran for the exit. As they retreated a small handful of otherwordly creatures appeared and attacked. Strange giant lizards, tentacle-like plant monsters, even skeletal imps poured out of the pyramid in the center of the room. The two groups quickly caught on that this was some kind of trap, and held their ground in their respective corners of the room, refusing to budge in fear of summoning more of these alien monsters.

Bows and slings were loaded as the groups began peppering the other side of the room, and just as the daring rescuers we’re getting an upper hand the kobold pulled a new trick out of their sleeves. One of the kobold took off from the group, running as fast as his little legs could carry him towards the adventurer party and then back, summoning a new onslaught of monsters for their pursuers to deal with as they once again made for the exit. With half of their band lost the kobold were finally able to slip past the monsters and exit further into the crypt, leaving their pursuers with a roomful of nasty alien monsters. The group put their back to the walls and fended off the attack, with both Pharaun Mizzrym and Cory caught by the odd tentacle creatures it was up to the raging barbarian Negga to save the day. Orcish bellows and curses echoed through the room as she brawled with what was left of the creatures, ripping her friends from the clutches of the odd plants and with the help of Leyla dragging them into a small hall about halfway through the room.

Leyla and Negga decided it’d be best to wait here for a couple of hours, to let their fallen comrades catch their breath and recover from their close encounter with the grim reaper. Leyla stayed with her comrades, but the restless Orc ventured further down the hall. Hoping to find some way to bypass the pyramid room she scouted ahead, but was quite shocked when she found a dead end. The hall ahead was blocked with piles upon piles of filth. Rotting bodies, decomposing dung and trash so far gone it was beyond recognition clogged the hall and Negga was forced to turn back. When she rejoined her group they were up and ready to press on. This time with Pharaun Mizzrym leading the way, carefully choosing a route he had noticed the kobold take without setting off the cursed pyramid. Slowly they traversed the room, only summoning up a single odd impish creature along the way, which they easily dispatched. Pharaun Mizzrym quickly noticed that the door leading out of this room wasn’t like all the others. Instead of the sturdy wood it was made out of the same dark stone as the rest of the crypt, and held those alien drawings of five odd triangles which seemed to sway and dance. Upon trying to open the door the Cleric let out a loud hiss and quickly recoiled. Cringing in pain from some unseen attack he informed his group that he could not open the door. Neggatook no heed to his warning, and also tried to open the door. However the group quickly learned that a human’s reply to pain isn’t the same as an Orc’s. Negga Thrashed and bashed at the door, forcing it in and out of the way with a few great lurches.

Past that cursed door was what obviously appeared to be the final room. A small room with shattered urns and burial trinkets scattered about played entry to a second room which hummed with some mystical sound. Upon finding nothing of interest in the first the group ventured into the second room to find the final resting place of Lord Marzut. As soon as they entered this room the humming stopped and the crystal that floated above a central sarcophagus crashed to the ground shattering at their feet. The scattered bones in the room pulled themselves together and animated, forming two skeletons who attacked the group. The skeletons were easily thwarted, but as they fell a new ashy figure approached them, Lord Misbah himself. The fight was a rather quick one, the Rensha lord having no traps or puzzles in here to dispatch his foes.

With the rooms distractions disabled the group found a small portion of the wall that had been destroyed, and a tunnel leading down further underground. The stonework here was obviously different then the rest of the tomb, plain and undecorated, a simple dirt tunnel that lead them down to a smaller cave guarded by the few kobold that had escaped the scuffle earlier. The group quickly dispatched these unsuspecting foes and ventured deeper down into these unknown tunnels.

Lord Misba’s Final Haunt

Like the first group “Jem”-Talion Migait, Gary Coleman and Ralph were taken into the tomb, past the soft glowing light of the Prior’s defenses, and lowered down a well into the actual tomb. The group was lowered to a three way intersection, with each hall leading to a heavy wooden door. A riddle was etched onto each door.

The door to the east read; My bald headed lover, She rivaled Firehair. My cruel wicked asp, As deadly as Baal. Forever my bride; In a cage without fail. As for the priest, He blocks the road to Hell.

The south door read;

Knock, knock No one’s home Rap, rap It rains stone Tap, tap There’s more here than bones.

The west door read; One coin for Tyr; it’s all he can carry. One coin for Lathander; can’t have him tarry. Two for Helm; to block his sight. The rest for me; Beyond this door.

The group decided it best not to tamper with the doors until they had deciphered the riddles to evade any traps. However after talking for about an hour a muffled voice called to them from the west door. The voice begged for their help, claiming that he had been trapped in the tombs for ages. The group was suspicious and refused to help him, however after further begging they were able to get some more info from the voice, who admitted he was a ghost imprisoned in the tomb, and that letting him out of the room would be the first step to setting his soul to rest. With this, the group broke down the door . They were eagerly greeted by the image of a ghastly young man in his upper twenties, well dressed in exotic garb wearing a turban and silks. He introduced himself as Amar, and explained that he had been falsely accused of aiding lord Misbah in his dasterdly deads and henceforth was imprisoned in his old “master’s” tomb by a well meaning priest of Lathander.

The group continued further through the catacombs with their new companion constantly yapping in their ear. He had informed them that this priest’s body was also in the tomb, and was infused with some kind of magic that would forever bind him to the catacombs if they couldn’t remove the enchantment. The group wasn’t pleased with desecrating the remains of a priest, however they agreed to see what they can do to please the ghost. Eventually they came upon a fork in the hall, the new path housing a large, barricaded door. Just like their previous room loud moans could be heard coming from behind the door, however when the group called out the noise went silent.

The group decided to investigate and unbarred the door, inside they found a large, dimly lit chamber framed with large pillars. As they made their way through they summarized that the moans must have just been the catacombs themselves, and that’s when danger struck. Hidden behind one of the pillars was a starving ghast who lashed out at the closest of the group, rending them paralyzed as it tried to feast upon their flesh. Through a long, engrueling hit and run fight they were able to best the ghast. The group took a moment to catch their breath, and then continued further into the tomb.

Further down the hall the group came to a small room which held a single urn in the center of the room, and was decorated with a southern style art. past this urn they found a door with two statues of women holding babies on each side. Misbah explained that he was cremated after death, and that his remains were in the urn. He asks the group not to disturb the urn, and they move further past the odd statues.

In an offshoot to the left the party found the priests crypt, a small room decorated with various statues honoring Lathander. Upon entering the room the statues immediately animated and attacked. The statues were very little challenge, and afterwards the party opted to free the trapped spirit. With a shriek and a cry the spirit revealed himself to be Lord Misbah himself, and was carried off by shrieking demons of Belzebub.

The group ventured back to the main entrance, and this time went through the northern door. The sight of this part of the tomb was breathtaking. Odd foreign designs were etched into the stonework and in the center of the room stood a large crystal with a beautiful woman encased inside. The plaque read “Disrupt this tomb and you shall truely know the hands of death.” Having dealt with a series of nasty traps on their way back through the tomb, which they summarized were now active due to disturbing the priests tomb, they now glued themselves to the wall and carefully made their way to the next room.

The next room was a large contrast to the rest of the tomb. Most of the stonework was torn away, leaving a large gaping hole leading down another level. However the most noticeable feature was the thick black smoke clinging to the ceiling, pouring out of the three large bonfires positioned around the room. Whatever this room use to be was no matter important, it was obvious that this tunnel was fresh, and most likely lead to wherever the Hark was holding his captive. The group quickly attempted to traverse the tunnel, but as they crossed the room flames shot out of the fires attacking the party. Three Ash rats had made their homes in the fires, and refused to let the party move on. After various exchange the odd rats would just retreat into the bonfires, their wounds almost instantly healing. Eventually the party was able to put out the fires and kill off the rats, finally able to move deeper down under the Highlords hall.

The Undercavern

Down this tunnel the groups converged on opposite sides of a very small, narrow room. Guarding the only tunnel further down was a large demonic dog, which the combined groups were easily able to vanquish. Past this guard dog was what the group was really after, tied to a large stake was the Highlords son, guarded by a monstrous sight. Goblins, multiple were rats, and a single larger shamanic figure. The creatures surveyed the party, and shouted multiple curses out in various languages before charging the band. After a long fight which left many of the group wounded or dieing, the Hark’s brood was defeated and their captive rescued. However those left standing were able to see a sight that chilled them to their bones. There was a small tunnel that lead further down yet, but peeking in revealed twelve mind-flayers waiting patiently for something. They either didn’t notice, or didn’t care about the ragtag adventures, who quickly retrieved the hostage and took their wounded back to the surface.

Kalahar was extatic to have his son back and awarded the adventurers with large sums of gold, along with ornate jade blades that would mark them as members of the newly founded jade blade.

Secret of Phantom's Cloister

The blinding light that had consumed Jem, Pharuan, Leyla, Negga and Gary Coleman eventually died down, however it left them in a state of disbelief. The room all around them glowed with an aerie temporal glow. The structures in the room appeared transparent, and ghostly. Looking as if you could step straight through them. Furthermore the cloisters was no longer eroded and in ruin, instead it looked very well kept. The biggest shock wasn’t the room its self though, but the group of about eight monks who stormed the new arrivals. The group prepared for a fight, however the monks, screaming in madness, hurled themselves at the glowing door on the wall vanishing in screams of agony.

As the monks vanished another set could be seen, muttering incantations of a long lost language and watching as the new arrivals to their home ventured about. Completely without reason or warning these new monks stormed the adventuring party. Our party, none of which has spent any time around a monastery, quickly learned the defined fighting style of the monks as they dispatched their attackers who vanished in a few wisps of light.

Once the chaos of entering this new realm died down the group was finally able to do some exploring and investigating of their own. Once the adrenaline of the fight wore off the group was able to feel an odd draining sensation, as if being in this foreign alien place was physically and mentally sapping them of their energy. The feeling was described by Jem as being a taxing one, as if they were physically fighting just to exist here. With the prompting of Pharuan, Negga tested another groups theory. Negga pushed her arm through one of the temporal walls, and watched as her arm slowly began to vanish. The Half-Orc quickly pulled her arm back, howling in pain and refusing to “partake in any more of ”/campaign/legacy-of-the-green-regent/wikis/Pharuan/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Pharuan’s experiments"

Pharuan then lead the group back to where they had discovered the secret corridor and found the secret passage once more. The creature within was no where near as hidden as previously, a large ghastly and horribly disfigured Pete greeted the party, acid dripping from ripped open mouth, and claws that had previously been hidden itching to dig into his previous friends. Lead by Jem the group quickly fled the secret passage, quickly resealing the passage behind them in an attempt to elude their fallen comrade.

The group began working their way back to the surface of the monastery, finding a few ceremonial chambers and storage areas. In a once deserted room they found the bedroom of the ghost they had followed to find the glowing sphere of light. The monk, who introduced himself as Brother Sheer proved to be more hospitable then the other monks they met, whom simply chose to ignore them all together. Brother Sheer explained that they were in a temporal realm the monks had named Karsus’s Mind. According to Brother Sheer the monks had been trapped here when their abbess lost control of the shifting diadem which gave her immense power. When asked about the monks who had thrown themselves into the glowing door upon their arrival Brother Sheer explained that being in this strange realm has a tendency to drive people insane, and that many monks have chosen to take their own lives to escape this realm. The adventurers bombarded the monk with many more questions, however Brother Sheer declined to answer anymore and asked them to leave his private quarters. However Jem was able to detect that something wasn’t quite right with the monk, and asked him what troubled him. Brother Sheer then divulged that another monk, Brother Kneeling sought to start an uprising in the monastery and take the shifting diadem from the abbess. Although Brother Sheer is not happy about being trapped in this realm he explained that he believes the only one that can safely free them is the one who created the realm. After expressing his concerns he thanked the party for bringing the key back, explaining that this was their yearly chance to effect the world around them, and free themselves. Afterwards the party thanked the monk and left him to his thoughts.

In the last room before the staircase the party three monks performing some kind of ritual. The monks had one smaller monk on a table and were etching odd shapes and symbols onto his flesh with what looked like living shadow. Both Pharuan and Jem were unable to gain the monks attention, and instead turned their attention to an elaborate mural that was inscribed into the walls of the once vacant room. The monks finally broke their silence when Negga approached them, taking a different approach then the others. [[Negga] simply pointed to the odd tattoos they were giving the smaller monk and pointing to herself, indicating that she wanted these strange markings as well. The smaller of the monks let out a small chuckle, and explained to her that this was their right of passage, and that they believe the right combination of these runes might lead to discovering a way to leave this realm. While the monk was explaining all this to Negga the rest of the party were uncovering the secret to the mural.

Jem was able to decipher that the mural depicted the fall of Karsus. Having caused the calamity that nearly caused the death of magic in Faeruan, killed a god, and nearly exterminated the shade race, he was cast out of the shade city and turned to stone, cursed to forever live in the prison of his own mind. The mural also showed a piece of him breaking off in his fall and landing….. Somewhere else in Fauruan.

As the group made their way back to the staircase that’d lead them to the surface they encountered another group of rabid monks. These monks would not listen to any of the party, attacking them as they chanted “”/campaign/legacy-of-the-green-regent/wikis/Karsus/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Karsus does not want you here." Over and over. The monks were quickly dispersed, however the group was left roughed up and having used up most of their spells. Once the monks were dispersed the group noticed that the mural on the wall had some drastic changes. Now the picture showed the crown with blades sunk deep into the wearers temples, his eyes missing and dripping with blood. The stone heart also seemed to be pulling the blood from the crown wearer into its self. Along with the picture the inscription below it had also changed, reading “The wearer pays homage to the unchanging master and receives both his gifts and his eternal damnation.”

The group pressed on up to the surface of the cloisters and just like the chambers, the entire place had been transformed into an odd spectral clash of the ruins they had previously seen, and an older more well kept state. Unlike before, the stairs that brought them to the ground floor continued up into an upper level which was protected by two sentries. Like the monks below, these sentries refused to acknowledge the party until they attempted to move further up into the cloisters. The monks informed them that only the abbess could enter the upper chambers of the cloisters. The group ventured out into the courtyard and was greeted by the sounds of combat. The group found the Zhent forces defending their makeshift camp from a band of insane monks that were trying to force their way up into the upper portion of the cloisters. With allegiances torn, the group joined the battle, helping the Zhents fend off the monks. Pharuan informed Felgratz of the plans between the monks. Felgratz informed the party that his men were too weak to deal with this madness, and that he would most likely wait out the night until things return to normal, then return home.

The group wandered back down into the courtyard and began exploring the various towers until finding Brother Kneeling obviously preparing for a fight. Jem and Pharuan both attempted to persuade Brother Kneeling to call off the attack, however neither were successful. Brother Kneeling explained that him and a large portion of the monastery couldn’t take being trapped here anymore, and that they had reason to believe their abbess simply didn’t want to leave, that the shifting diadem kept her safe while the rest of the monks suffered. The group continue to try and converse with Brother Kneeling but he cut them off, informing them it was time. He instructed them that if they didn’t want to be involved and help him, they should hide in this room and wait for the “Phantom” period to end. The party did wait, however they didn’t wait long enough to miss the fun.

After listening for a bit to the fight the group ventured out to the battle, watching as Brother Kneeling attacked the abbess and her sentries, who in turn struck out against all the monks. Forced into the fight [[Brother Sheen] and his monks also turned on the abbess, all struggling to gain control over the shifting diadem. The abbess fell, but before anyone could claim the shifting diadem a large purple raven swooped in and snagged the diadem. Both groups of monks, who saw nothing more then the diadem fall and vanish by the party, turned and attacked the adventuring party. The party fought their way back to safety, defeating the monks only to be ambushed by Felgratz and his troops. The longer the fight drew on, the more the party began to realize that the phantom state was starting to fade away. The party and the Zhents beat themselves to a standstill, and once the phantom state had ended Felgratz took what few troops were left and retreated, letting the party return to Loudwater in peace….. For the most part.

Key to Phatom's Cloister
RIP: Rest in Pete

This adventure started like most others with the party; “Jem”-Talion Migait, Kane, Negga, Gary Coleman Pete, Pharaun Mizzrym and Leyla gathered at the Red Boar Inn. The group was going about their usual shenanigans, “Jem”-Talion Migait working the crowd and singing while Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym spent the evening chugging down the local ale. Meanwhile Kane had located the band of dwarves that they had a small skirmish with about a week back, treated them to a round of drinks and actually managed to mend fences with the band, introducing himself as a traveling blacksmith eager to learn the ways of dwarven smithing.

The night went on without much conflict, until the drunk Negga and Pharaun Mizzrym noticed an odd sight just outside the Red Boar Inn. A ghastly cloaked figure was making its way down the road, with a small band of adventurers following in close pursuit. The sight was odd, but didn’t snag their full interest until the dwarf among this adventuring party attempted to halt the ghastly creature, and fell straight through it. Pharaun Mizzrym gathered the others up and decided to pursue this odd sight through the city.

The adventuring party followed closely behind the other party, whom turned to confront them when they noticed they were being followed. The dwarves attempted to scare the party off, telling them to mind their own business and not to meddle in their affairs, however when the party refused to leave a small scuffle broke out. When this second band of adventures drew steel and threatened to start a fight in the street Jem and her group decided to back off and follow from afar.

The ghost lead the way through the city into an area the locals call Tregedy’s Grotto, which is a local hot spot of suicides, killings, and ghost stories. After the ghost vanished another fight broke out, this time involving strange Groundlings which had dug burrows about the clearing, attacking the dwarf and his crew along with the Jem and her friends once they decided to get involved. After a long vicious fight in which Jem and Kane were dragged back into the burrows and nearly marred, the adventurers were able to defeat the Groundlings. The dwarf and his party introduced themselves as the Fellowship of the Three Coins, and begrudgingly divulged to Jem that they were investigating a lead that had informed them that if they showed up here tonight they could have the chance to find a long lost ancient treasure.

After searching around the area the band went back to the [[Red Boar Inn] to cut their losses. Jem and her friends however remained in the area and found a secret tomb leading under ground. The secret passage lead to a rather short hall which ended with a door and a cryptic set of glyphs Content Not Found: pharaun_ noticed that although the hall was littered with cobwebs, spiders and other insect life, nothing dared approach the door. Negga also refused to go into the hall, shoving and bashing her party members when they tried to force her into the hall. After further investigation Pete discovered that some kind of magical presence was emanating from the door. _Content Not Found: jem was able to decipher the message etched into the door, which read speak my name. Besides this the only clue they had to work with was the symbol of an odd crown looking structure with a man falling from it. When Pharaun Mizzrym tried to open the door he was greeted with a nasty shock that sent him sprawling across the hall.

The party spent the rest of the night camped out in the hall, speaking different variations of name, my name, and other random guesses at what the secret word might be. However nothing they could come up with worked and in fact Kane lost his life to the vicious trap residing in the door. Finally the next day the party decided to look elsewhere for the answer to this puzzle. “Jem”-Talion Migait scribbled the symbol onto a piece of parchment so that she could reference it. Pete, Gary Coleman and Negga began bar hopping in search for the Fellowship of the Three Coins while “Jem”-Talion Migaitdecided to dig through the local libraries and sources. The Fellowship of the Three Coins refused to divulge any information, despite the promises of wealth, pleas, and even threats that were made towards them. However While “Jem”-Talion Migait was off alone she sought out her Harper friend. Although this secret agent didn’t know, or claimed not to know, what the symbol meant she pointed “Jem”-Talion Migait towards a local sage; Evandur Olvebranch who might be able to provide her with information. The group gathered back up and sought out this sage who agreed to meet them and charged her normal price, 5 gp per question they needed researched.

Five hours later the group was summoned by the sage who had used the glyphs “Jem”-Talion Migait had brought her to research their problem. Evandur Olvebranch informed them that the symbols they found were related to the Crescents history from the Rensha era. The odd crown shape represented Netheril, a long lost city of the shade. The falling man represented Karsus, a great sage who caused the fall of the great city and nearly ended all magic in Faerun.

The group returned to the tomb and spoke the name Karsus, then tried to open the door. Thankfully this time it worked and they were able to enter. Beyond the door was a crypt filled with bodies and the ghostly figure they had followed down. But more prominent was a single large floating gem of light. Jem took the gem and felt an overwhelming presence enter her own mind, it made two commands “Let no other possess me” and “Take me to the monastary of The Fallen One”. Both of which Jem complied to. Things almost took a violent turn when pharaun attempted to take the gem from her, however once it was obvious Jem wasn’t releasing the gem they decided to let her have it. The next problem the group had to face was that none of them knew what or where the temple of the Fallen One was, including Jem.

The group found and confronted Emanof the Fellowship of the Three Coins about how his group had found the ghost in the first place. Eman informed them that they were following a lead about some ghost story involving some ruins found not far from Loudwater. The ruins were said to “Go ghost” once a year, appearing as they had before the place became abandoned and even had humanoid figures walking around it. They made a connection between this and another ghost story about a ghastly figure walking around Tragedy Grottos once a year and came to investigate. They weren’t surprised to see that the ghost here was dressed the same as the ones at the ruins, and were told he could lead them to unimaginable treasure. Eman did not wish to divulge more information, however after some convincing by Jem he told the party where they could find the ruins.

The party then ventured off for the ruins, which was a day’s march from Loudwater and hidden in a rather hilly region. The overgrowth consuming the ruins helped to camouflage it and deter most adventurers. However not this band. At first sight the group could tell they were dealing with a large fortress type structure, and that they were not alone. Upon reaching the front gate Pete could hear distant groaning and murmuring. However the group pressed on.

They went back to a large tower along the back wall of the cloisters, and found a tangled mess of cobwebs within it. The poor Negga managed to get herself tangled in the web and then ambushed by the Large Monstrous Spider that had made its home in this building. After a rough grueling fight the party had vanquished the spider, burning the cobwebs to deter further trouble. Amongst the webs the group found a few strange sites, a pair of soldiers wearing Zhenatarian armor. Pharuan was able to tell that the kills were fresh, not even a day old.

The party ventured further into the inner courtyard, where they found the remnants of a battle. Zhenatarian soldiers and odd demonic bodies of creatures that could not be recognized littered the courtyard, the only living being found was a large purple raven which watched from the main cluster of crumbling rooms. The group moved to venture up the only safe staircase that would take them into the upper rooms dotting the crumbling wall, however as they approached the staircase they were ordered to stop.

Jem was able to pick out from the order to stop a heavy Moonsea accent, which alerted her to the fact that the voice belonged to a Zhenatarian. After explaining that they were just travelers who caught sight of the ruins Jem was able to talk the man into coming out, who introduced himself as Felgratz, a Zhenatarian general. After explaining that he and his men had traveled here to foil a plan made by foul Underdark creatures, but were ambushed and beaten to a stand off, Jem and Pharuan tended to their injured and were able to find out that the beings that did this had ventured into the underground portion of the cloisters. Jem and Pharuan reported back to their group who was camped out in the courtyard and the group decided to venture below.

The group ventured forward, finding a staircase hidden beneath various debris that looked too…… convenient to just happened to have fallen there. After clearing the way they ventured into the chambers of the cloister.

Beneath the main chambers was a single large room with halls leading both to the north and south, the group took their time searching every nook and cranny that they could and discovered an old mural caked beneath the dust and cobwebs along one wall. The mural was of a crowned, robed figure touching a giant heart. Beneath the mural was written; the crown wearer pays hommage to the unchanging master…. It was obvious that there was more, but the words were worn away.

The group also found a hidden door along the north wall, but when Pete warned that he was sensing a great evil they decided to move down the south hall. Just as the group was searching two rooms that they found a large screeching sound followed by the appearance of an odd small gargoyle forced them to scatter. The group fled into these two small rooms as the creature shot down the hall as quickly as it could. The group opted not to pursue the creature in light of their new discovery, for while one of rooms was empty the other glowed with the light of two spectral figures. The first they recognized as the ghost they had seen in Loudwater, while the second wore the same robes. The two ghosts seemed to be having a less then friendly argument, however they made no sound. The party tried to pull the attention of the ghosts, however were ignored and simply stepped through them when they tried to make contact.

Despite Pete‘s warning Pharuan led the group back into the first room and into the secret hall, and that’s when disaster struck the group. As the group ventured into the dark hall cackling and laughter could be heard, and just as the group prepared for a fight an odd shadow launched its self at Pete. The group tried to come to his aid, however Neggas blade and Jem‘s arrows passed right through the creature as it dug into it’s prey. The group struggled to save the panicking Pete, who was attempting to bolt for the door, but every attempt they made seemed to anger the creature further, causing it to strike those around it before turning it’s sights back onto Pete. Finally as Pete fell the group fled, running deeper into the hall as the shadow began eating it’s captive prey. Panic gripped our heroes as they found a solid wall at the other end, hinting to the fact that they might have to go back and deal with this creature which so easily vanquished their friend. However Jem was able to find another hidden door which opened up into a larger chamber allowing them to flee from the horror that had been locked away in that hall.

There was much in this larger chamber that grabbed the group’s attention, who didn’t let a single second fall to grieving for their lost comrade. The most noticeable was the large door shaped carving that consumed the back wall, and the two large holes on both sides. Although one whole was empty the second contained a sphere of mystical glowing light much like the one Jem carried. The second item of interest was an obvious trap gone wrong. At the opposite end of the room was a large chasm with a single bridge leading across, waiting in the room was an odd dark skinned dwarf and a few grimlocks. The group had their weapons drawn and were obviously waiting for someone to come walking down the bridge.

While having their enemies backsides turned to them, and filled with the rage of having just lost a friend, the group charged the would be ambushers. The fight was very short, the group having no clue that there was a second entrance, and stuck between a gaping chasm and their attackers. Once their enemies were slain Jem approached the carving of the door, presenting her sphere of light which floated up to the vacant hole. The door glowed with a blinding light which consumed the room, leaving the entire party shielding their eyes and screaming for one another.


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