Legacy of the Green Regent

A Hazy Situation
The Hark's Dungeon
Denail of Resource

A Cave of last resort

Explosive runes—— 6d6 to everyone immediately around. Reflex save dc 10+dmg for half to everyone 10 ft away.

Bee——- hp 19, Init 2, Spd 20 ft. Ac 14 (12)
Atk +4 1d4
2 poison smite evil (fort dc 13) initial and secondary dmg 1d4 to con

Bezlul—- hp 2 init -2 spd 30 Ac 12 atk +2 1d3-1

B. Watchers of the Rock
-——— Troglodyte Rider hp 18, 11

Deinonychus hp 32, 29, 22, 19 6 (2d64)

Tood, Phill X2 Tiara Rob Allie Aron Derck, Justin (came at mongrelfolk)
Michelle, Phill X2, Tiara, Arin, Adam, Allie, Rob, Kyle, Justin.

Michelle, zack, phill X2, Tiara, Adam, Allie, Aron, Jim, Todd, Rob, Kyle
Adam, Just, Tiara, Kyle, Arin, Phil, Rob,
Kyle, Phil, Justin, Rob, Andrea, Allie, Adam, Tiara.


6 sessions
Todd 4 Phil 5 Tiara 4 Rob 3 Allie 4 Aron 4 Adam 5 Justin 5 Michell 2 Kyle 3, Jim 1, Andrea 1

Book of Knowledge

turn order, creatres, charlie, adamx2 and battlecat, michelle phil, allie.

Darthak, Alcar, Tiara, stoned.

Lilth 1 -36, 2 -1


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