A blatantly disguised figure in leather and steel, this somewhat mysterious entity has been following the group for several weeks now, shortly after Ganondorf joined. S/He? is currently on the trail of a "Ganondorf" who recently escaped from loudwater pr


Refuses to take off mask, occasionally impulsive, will follow orders, does not like being threatened.

Hunting Ganondorf.

Seems quick on it’s feet, if not particularly strong. Wields a rapier with some skill, has a composite longbow; isn’t very good with it. Has an unknown number of hidden shuriken.

Seems to be a very good person, if a bit prone to use of intimidation before reason.

Follows Mystra openly.
Class unknown. Possibilities:
Cleric? Openly worships, decent at healing. Paladin? Ignores potential threat of disease. Very religious ninja? The entire fighting style follows this theory.

Blue eyes.




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