Pharaun Mizzrym

Moon elf cleric to Eilistraee played by Nickolaus Helmick


A average hight moon elf with dark skin and black hair, red eyes and a musculer build. Chainmail armor of silver with the goddess Eilistraee’s holy moon upon the chest. A mighty masterwork composite bow strikes down lycanthropes along with other creatures.


Faithfull servent to the drow goddess Eilistraee. I use my mighty bow and spells to reneder the evil within the world. Brought up as a lycanthrope hunter using the powers given to me by the moon goddess, lady of the dance I have spent my life hunting down lycans and attempting to show others the song and dance of my goddess. In my travels I came across a halfling being tormented and with the help of others rescued him from his tormentors. When the halfling told us about a evil band of thugs who are controled by a wear rat I decieded it was best to go along with these adventures and hunt down this creature. In hunting this creature down I have done the bidding of the goddess and helped all who I was able to, meeting new friends along the way who lended sword, bow, or spell to the aid of others in one way or another. Sadly we have lost one brave soul along the way and I was unable to heal him for the shadow drained the strength from his body. Let Pett’s soul dance with the lady Eilistraee. In all my travels I have gained honor and fame within the realm as a member of the jade blade a personal gaurd to the high lord and I am known as a divine favorite within the realm. Out of all the friends I have meet the two I have come to call my most trusted allies are Nigga the half orc barbarian, who I am the only one who can talk to at the moment, and Jem the halfling bard who graces me with song and dance not of Eilistraee but is comforting non the less.

Pharaun Mizzrym

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