Balthor Ironbeard 23rd


I am approximatley 4’10" and weigh 220lbs, of muscle. I most often wear an iron bound leather cap with dwarven symbols engraved in the iron. I also have a beard that comes to about mid thigh on me, tis loosley braided on both sides and is held at each end by an iron ring. I have an uragosh straped to my back with the leather belt fastened diagonaly around my torso coming over my right shoulder. to my left is a master work heavey mace bound to my belt by an iron clasp.


My name is Balthor Ironbeard the 23rd, i come from the north and thats all you need to know of my orgin! So stay out of it, its none of your damned business. Ive lived many many years and my name was passed down to me from my father, and his father before him, and his before him, and so on. We Ironbeards are some of the toughest dwarves you will ever meet me and my brother alike, we are two of the most feard fighters in the realm. we went our seperate ways about 3 months in hopes of finding more suitable trades to practice and find sanctuary. Before my encounter with a strange group of adventures, worst part is they have an orc with them, they seek danger, adventure, and riches……IM IN.
I resorted to doing some things that im no where near proud of to earn money, many have fallen by my hand and i regret nothing for il do whatever it takes to take care of business and watch my own back because the only man i trust with my life is missing and im going to find him, I only hope that with this strange assemblage of “friends” can i find my brother and be united with him. no idea what the future may hold for me after i find him but i know for a fact if will be filled with adventure, ale, and fellowship.

Balthor Ironbeard 23rd

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