Legacy of the Green Regent

The Hark's Dungeon


We got rail roaded into the angry mob to take out the Hark. So as we joined with the main force to actually go kill the guy, we were chosen as a “small” force to go clear out a hole that may have goblin reinforcements. As we got to the hole we found 3 goblins sitting around the area we believed the to be. As we approached we found out this tree with many nooses hanging from it was enchanted to snare up any who moved under it. After much battle, fire, and getting stuck in the hole, the party found itself beginning their objective.

As we got through the hole the party was welcomed by two drunken Bugbears, who attacked the party and were quickly killed. The party found some mushroom stew, disgusting cheese, and a tunnel. At the top of the tunnel there was a very quickly passed up pedestal, as three party members went down the tunnel and were swarmed by rats. After many spells and throwing up, diseases were spread the monk released to put cheese on the pedestal, which calmed the rats.

At the bottom of the tunnel more goblins and a Bugbear were found. As one of the party members came down they were heard. The Monk took out the bearbug in one hit as the rest of the party came into the clearing. After some battle, and looting, and friendly fire the group found a key to giant expensive doors, with a very expensive lock that broke Malefacent’s prized set of pick locking set. The door was open to those guys in the other country(ask Casey) and as the doors open the order was given to open fire.

The Hark's Dungeon

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