Legacy of the Green Regent

Secret of Phantom's Cloister

The blinding light that had consumed Jem, Pharuan, Leyla, Negga and Gary Coleman eventually died down, however it left them in a state of disbelief. The room all around them glowed with an aerie temporal glow. The structures in the room appeared transparent, and ghostly. Looking as if you could step straight through them. Furthermore the cloisters was no longer eroded and in ruin, instead it looked very well kept. The biggest shock wasn’t the room its self though, but the group of about eight monks who stormed the new arrivals. The group prepared for a fight, however the monks, screaming in madness, hurled themselves at the glowing door on the wall vanishing in screams of agony.

As the monks vanished another set could be seen, muttering incantations of a long lost language and watching as the new arrivals to their home ventured about. Completely without reason or warning these new monks stormed the adventuring party. Our party, none of which has spent any time around a monastery, quickly learned the defined fighting style of the monks as they dispatched their attackers who vanished in a few wisps of light.

Once the chaos of entering this new realm died down the group was finally able to do some exploring and investigating of their own. Once the adrenaline of the fight wore off the group was able to feel an odd draining sensation, as if being in this foreign alien place was physically and mentally sapping them of their energy. The feeling was described by Jem as being a taxing one, as if they were physically fighting just to exist here. With the prompting of Pharuan, Negga tested another groups theory. Negga pushed her arm through one of the temporal walls, and watched as her arm slowly began to vanish. The Half-Orc quickly pulled her arm back, howling in pain and refusing to “partake in any more of ”/campaign/legacy-of-the-green-regent/wikis/Pharuan/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Pharuan’s experiments"

Pharuan then lead the group back to where they had discovered the secret corridor and found the secret passage once more. The creature within was no where near as hidden as previously, a large ghastly and horribly disfigured Pete greeted the party, acid dripping from ripped open mouth, and claws that had previously been hidden itching to dig into his previous friends. Lead by Jem the group quickly fled the secret passage, quickly resealing the passage behind them in an attempt to elude their fallen comrade.

The group began working their way back to the surface of the monastery, finding a few ceremonial chambers and storage areas. In a once deserted room they found the bedroom of the ghost they had followed to find the glowing sphere of light. The monk, who introduced himself as Brother Sheer proved to be more hospitable then the other monks they met, whom simply chose to ignore them all together. Brother Sheer explained that they were in a temporal realm the monks had named Karsus’s Mind. According to Brother Sheer the monks had been trapped here when their abbess lost control of the shifting diadem which gave her immense power. When asked about the monks who had thrown themselves into the glowing door upon their arrival Brother Sheer explained that being in this strange realm has a tendency to drive people insane, and that many monks have chosen to take their own lives to escape this realm. The adventurers bombarded the monk with many more questions, however Brother Sheer declined to answer anymore and asked them to leave his private quarters. However Jem was able to detect that something wasn’t quite right with the monk, and asked him what troubled him. Brother Sheer then divulged that another monk, Brother Kneeling sought to start an uprising in the monastery and take the shifting diadem from the abbess. Although Brother Sheer is not happy about being trapped in this realm he explained that he believes the only one that can safely free them is the one who created the realm. After expressing his concerns he thanked the party for bringing the key back, explaining that this was their yearly chance to effect the world around them, and free themselves. Afterwards the party thanked the monk and left him to his thoughts.

In the last room before the staircase the party three monks performing some kind of ritual. The monks had one smaller monk on a table and were etching odd shapes and symbols onto his flesh with what looked like living shadow. Both Pharuan and Jem were unable to gain the monks attention, and instead turned their attention to an elaborate mural that was inscribed into the walls of the once vacant room. The monks finally broke their silence when Negga approached them, taking a different approach then the others. [[Negga] simply pointed to the odd tattoos they were giving the smaller monk and pointing to herself, indicating that she wanted these strange markings as well. The smaller of the monks let out a small chuckle, and explained to her that this was their right of passage, and that they believe the right combination of these runes might lead to discovering a way to leave this realm. While the monk was explaining all this to Negga the rest of the party were uncovering the secret to the mural.

Jem was able to decipher that the mural depicted the fall of Karsus. Having caused the calamity that nearly caused the death of magic in Faeruan, killed a god, and nearly exterminated the shade race, he was cast out of the shade city and turned to stone, cursed to forever live in the prison of his own mind. The mural also showed a piece of him breaking off in his fall and landing….. Somewhere else in Fauruan.

As the group made their way back to the staircase that’d lead them to the surface they encountered another group of rabid monks. These monks would not listen to any of the party, attacking them as they chanted “”/campaign/legacy-of-the-green-regent/wikis/Karsus/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Karsus does not want you here." Over and over. The monks were quickly dispersed, however the group was left roughed up and having used up most of their spells. Once the monks were dispersed the group noticed that the mural on the wall had some drastic changes. Now the picture showed the crown with blades sunk deep into the wearers temples, his eyes missing and dripping with blood. The stone heart also seemed to be pulling the blood from the crown wearer into its self. Along with the picture the inscription below it had also changed, reading “The wearer pays homage to the unchanging master and receives both his gifts and his eternal damnation.”

The group pressed on up to the surface of the cloisters and just like the chambers, the entire place had been transformed into an odd spectral clash of the ruins they had previously seen, and an older more well kept state. Unlike before, the stairs that brought them to the ground floor continued up into an upper level which was protected by two sentries. Like the monks below, these sentries refused to acknowledge the party until they attempted to move further up into the cloisters. The monks informed them that only the abbess could enter the upper chambers of the cloisters. The group ventured out into the courtyard and was greeted by the sounds of combat. The group found the Zhent forces defending their makeshift camp from a band of insane monks that were trying to force their way up into the upper portion of the cloisters. With allegiances torn, the group joined the battle, helping the Zhents fend off the monks. Pharuan informed Felgratz of the plans between the monks. Felgratz informed the party that his men were too weak to deal with this madness, and that he would most likely wait out the night until things return to normal, then return home.

The group wandered back down into the courtyard and began exploring the various towers until finding Brother Kneeling obviously preparing for a fight. Jem and Pharuan both attempted to persuade Brother Kneeling to call off the attack, however neither were successful. Brother Kneeling explained that him and a large portion of the monastery couldn’t take being trapped here anymore, and that they had reason to believe their abbess simply didn’t want to leave, that the shifting diadem kept her safe while the rest of the monks suffered. The group continue to try and converse with Brother Kneeling but he cut them off, informing them it was time. He instructed them that if they didn’t want to be involved and help him, they should hide in this room and wait for the “Phantom” period to end. The party did wait, however they didn’t wait long enough to miss the fun.

After listening for a bit to the fight the group ventured out to the battle, watching as Brother Kneeling attacked the abbess and her sentries, who in turn struck out against all the monks. Forced into the fight [[Brother Sheen] and his monks also turned on the abbess, all struggling to gain control over the shifting diadem. The abbess fell, but before anyone could claim the shifting diadem a large purple raven swooped in and snagged the diadem. Both groups of monks, who saw nothing more then the diadem fall and vanish by the party, turned and attacked the adventuring party. The party fought their way back to safety, defeating the monks only to be ambushed by Felgratz and his troops. The longer the fight drew on, the more the party began to realize that the phantom state was starting to fade away. The party and the Zhents beat themselves to a standstill, and once the phantom state had ended Felgratz took what few troops were left and retreated, letting the party return to Loudwater in peace….. For the most part.


Curious as to where you found a copy of this adventure…according to all sources it was never released, and us at Candlekeep are wondering…

Secret of Phantom's Cloister

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